ActivumSG Advisors

Brian Betel

Brian is the senior expert for the Iberia region. Brian worked for more than 14 years for Cerberus Capital Management. Most recently, Brian was based in Madrid as the Managing Director of Cerberus Iberia Advisors, focused on their expansion into Spain. In 2000 Brian opened and ran Cerberus’ Mexico City investment advisory office where he focused on acquisition and asset management of large real estate backed NPL portfolios. In 2007 he moved to the Netherlands where his responsibilities included both asset management and the acquisition of commercial and residential loans and real estate. He worked principally on assets in Germany, the U.K. and Spain. He has also worked for Citibank where he was the Head of Technical Services Group which managed all real estate valuation, engineering and environmental studies. Brian earned his BA in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.