Anybody can buy a building. Everybody is an expert in property. But it takes a certain kind of somebody to create real value from real estate. We connect the dots between ideas, opportunities, and execution; markets, capital and assets; investors, developers, landlords and tenants. This holistic approach is central to our decision making.

Investing requires a meticulous approach to due diligence, inexhaustible reserves of patience and the ability to take swift and decisive action at key moments. Our careful blend of calculation and audacity aligned with immediate access to capital allows us to make swift, enterprising and effective transactions.

Asset management is a business of constant interaction. Understanding and addressing the needs, concerns and ambitions of investors, tenants, and planners and the media is a complex task. It requires good communication, deep insight, empathy and firm conviction. Thanks to our hands-on management and face-to-face approach we keep both our relationships and assets well managed.

We all know that integrity is important in any deal. However, in recent times, a frenzied chasing of the ‘quick buck’ adversely affected the market. Therefore, we adhere to a strong code of ethics. Hence, this means that whatever the economic conditions, the environment for investment is always positive.

In any business there are many theories, a multitude of models, a wealth of analysis and a myriad of opinions. But finding value is not simply about the numbers. Spreadsheets, calculators and pie charts complete only part of the puzzle. We do not succumb to ‘analysis paralysis’. Our judgements are honed by understanding not just the figures but the overall picture for our stakeholders. Our decisions about value are made for the ‘real world’ not the ‘ideal world.’