In 2007, long-time industry veteran Saul Goldstein founded ActivumSG. Mr. Goldstein wanted to invest in niche opportunities in European real estate and related sectors. We identify high quality, but undervalued assets with unrealized potential and enhance the underlying assets through hands-on management. We exit our investments when we can deliver stable assets at the right time and for the optimum price to generate exceptional returns to our investors.


4 Funds raised for opportunities in Germany and Spain

ActivumSG has raised four funds to date. Fund I (2009) and Fund II (2011) were €56 million and €248 million respectively. Both funds have been fully invested. Following the first two, Fund III closed in March 2014 at €380 million. Fund III is nearly fully invested. Furthermore, Iberia Fund I closed in July 2015 at €200 million and fully allocated.


Diversified portfolio in niche markets

The portfolio includes diversified assets, such as office value add, residential (re-) development, turn around retail, mezzanine loans, and special corporate situations. ActivumSG likes to operate in a niche space. typically transaction size ranges from €15 million to €200 million.


Large local teams on the ground

ActivumSG Advisory GmbH and ASG Iberia Advisors SL respectively are Berlin, Frankfurt and Madrid based teams. These local experts dedicate themselves to either acquisitions & sales or asset management.


Investment philosophy: add real value to deliver opportunistic returns

ActivumSG aims to build a portfolio of stable assets that deliver exceptional returns to our investors at relatively low risk. Therefore, ASG ensures a transparent, personalized and seamless experience. This creates value for all stakeholders at every stage of the chain and across the entire transaction life cycle.