Background, business and breakthroughs

In 2007, long-time industry veteran Saul Goldstein founded ActivumSG. Mr. Goldstein wanted to invest in niche opportunities in European real estate and related sectors. Starting with 4 people in a Berlin office, ActivumSG and its affiliate ASG Homes now consists of over 40 professionals. With more than 80 investments and over €2 billion of equity deployed across Europe, ActivumSG is a well-established organization. Therefore, ActivumSG retains its ability to make investment decisions quickly and efficiently.


Value-add office in Germany


Goldpunkt was the first investment for ActivumSG back in December 2008. At that point in the cycle, ActivumSG recognized the opportunity to realize attractive returns through a lease-up and repositioning strategy.

ActivumSG capitalized on this opportunity as there was an appropriate reward for the risk involved.

When markets become more competitive, ActivumSG has shown that it has the vision and capabilities to adjust its investment strategy accordingly.


Increasing direct residential exposure


In 2012, ActivumSG’s investment focus shifted from value-add office to residential development in Germany.

ASG purchased two large-scale resi developments in Berlin; Joli Coeur and Metropol Park.

Developing these two projects crystalized the attractiveness of the residential for-sale market and was the catalyst for broadening our strategy. This led to the acquisition of a German residential developer and then later setting up a Spanish homebuilding platform.

First lending


ActivumSG’s first loan comprised a mezzanine loan to a 15,000 sm office and retail redevelopment project in Frankfurt.

To date, ActivumSG has provided 9 loans, providing finance solutions to German developers.

This strategy continues to be an attractive investment strategy for ActivumSG; delivering equity returns for relatively moderate risk to our investors.


Beginning of corporate strategy


The acquisition of Formart from Hochtief earmarked the beginning of ActivumSG’s corporate strategy in Germany.

Subsequently Fund III acquired GRK, another residential developer, and the merged entity, Instone Real Estate, became one of the leading residential developers in Germany.

Corporate acquisitions are an unconventional way to give ActivumSG’s investors exposure to Germany’s highly attractive real estate market. This reflects ActivumSG’s imaginative approach to creating value for its investors, through real estate-related investments.


First Spanish acquisition


Manuel de Falla, a 6,185 sm office repositioning in Madrid, was ActivumSG’s first ever investment in Spain.

ActivumSG Iberia’s strategy has subsequently evolved from offices to retail and is currently focusing on residential development and hotels. The team has invested in 28 assets and started to exit their first investments resulting in a realized IRR of 43% and a multiple of 2.1x.

ActivumSG’s continuous evolving strategy, whether it is sector or geography, enables us to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.


Moving into healthcare


WI Immo is ActivumSG’s first exposure to the elderly care market, capitalizing on the opportunity presented by Germany’s aging population.

An ageing population, a shortage of beds, coupled with a high demand for safe, yielding investments means that elderly care is one sector ActivumSG is currently focused on.


Establishment of ASG Homes


ASG Homes was created under the ActivumSG umbrella in 2017 and operates as a developer for Spanish residential investments in ActivumSG funds. This eliminates the need to rely on operating partners in the segment, maintains greater control over the projects and ensures ActivumSG residential developments in Spain receive full undivided attention. The team at ASG Homes has grown organically to more than 20 professionals under the leadership of CEO Victor Perez and is independently recognized as a strong player in the Spanish market. For more information please visit ASG Homes website


IPO Instone Real Estate


ActivumSG completed Germany’s first listing of a residential property development company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Instone’s successful listing is a game-changer for Germany’s fragmented residential development market and generated highly attractive returns for investors. The ActivumSG team created value on the portfolio level and corporate level. By buying a simple real estate pipeline and transforming this into a reliable, predictable company, investors participated in one of the most profitable and exciting transactions in Germany.


First Dutch acquisition


Dutch housing developer VanWonen is the sixth corporate acquisition by ActivumSG funds, building on the team’s successes in assembling and scaling up development platforms Instone Real Estate and Carestone in Germany’s residential and elderly care sectors.

The acquisition of VanWonen by Fund VI deploys our team’s expertise in a new European market, where there is strong demand for housing.

First PropTech acquisition


First UK acquisition



First Danish acquisition


Fund VII launches



First VII investment, Opus Retirement Villages, UK